Gwen is back from maternity leave and working for Kingsland Physiotherapy & Massage.

Gwen is now based at 495 New North Road, in Kingsland, Auckland, and will be operating as a massage therapist for Kingsland Physiotherapy & Massage in their new clinic space. Gwen is a qualified Sports Massage, Therapeutic Massage and Neuromuscular Therapist.

Massage therapy has many benefits. Research has shown massage to improve circulation, energy levels, joint range-of-motion, flexibility, and to reduce stress, muscle tightness and pain. It can be used as part of the maintenance of your general well being and a great way to stay on top of injuries, aiding in their prevention. Massage is useful in creating body awareness, a bit like a warrant of fitness for your body; and by supporting stress relief and relaxation massage can attend not only to your physical, but also your emotional health. At Auckland Massage Therapy, you will find professional therapists and a safe, confidential clinic space. 

Whether it's pain relief, relaxation, or time for yourself that you are looking for, we are committed to listening to your needs and ensuring your comfort and satisfaction within each massage session.

Not sure what massage treatment is right for you? After assessment, we will help you choose a massage service specific to your needs. 
Bookings are essential.